Crowded Skies Contests

Terms & Conditions

Contest #1: Random Draw


  • 1.Be eligible to receive the Crowded Skies Award
  • 2. that's everything you need to do :D

Total Aerosoft Prizes: 10

The server computer will randomly draw 10 members among those who received the Crowded Skies Award

Contest #2: The Screenshot Contest


  • 1. Be eligible to receive the Crowded Skies Award
  • 2. During the Crowded Skies event, take an ATC or Flight screenshot
  • 3. Post your screenshot on one of IVAO's social media (including the Forum), Tag @IVAOaero and Use hashtags #IVAO_Experience #IVAOCS2019

Total Aerosoft Prizes: 8

The IVAO PR Department will elect 4 ATC winners and 4 Pilot winners, as follows:

facebook Twitter Instagram Icon
ATC 1 1 1 1
PILOT 1 1 1 1

Contest #3: The Crowded Skies Experience


  • 1. Be eligible to receive the Crowded Skies Award.
  • 2. During the Crowded Skies event, take a photo of yourself in your flight simulator or ATC station.
  • 3. Post your photo on IVAO's Instagram, tag @ivaoaero and use hashtags #IVAOCS2019_SOLO if you are by yourself, and #IVAOCS2019_PARTY if it's a group photo.

Total Aerosoft Prizes: 6

After 72h of Crowded Skies, we will look at the number of likes, and we will award TOP #1 and #2 for #IVAOCS2019_SOLO and TOP #1, Top #2, Top #3 and Top #4 in #IVAOCS2019_PARTY.


Contest #1: Random Draw
10 Prizes

All recepients of Crowded Skies Award are automatically included in the draw

Contest #2: Screenshot Contest
8 Prizes

Post your ATC or Flight screenshot on our social media using the @ivaoaero tag and #IVAO_Experience #IVAOCS2019 hashtags

Contest #3: The Crowded Skies Experience
6 Prizes

Post your ATC or Flight station photo on Instagram, of yourself using #IVAOCS2019_SOLO or with your buddies using #IVAOCS2019_PARTY.


Absolutely! You can participate in one of more contest. However, in order to allow as many fellow members to win, you will only be able to win in one contest. If you already won in one contest and you come on top on other contests, we will skip your entry and move to the next person.
No doubt!! First, the award will show how many Crowded Skies you participated in. Second, you get a chance to win an Aerosoft prize of your choice. Third, Aerosoft will donate 1 Euro to charity for your connection. Fourth, you have LOTS OF FUN, maximum ATC coverage and help IVAO break the record!
In order to receive the award, you need to be connected AT LEAST between 18:40z and 19:20z. You also need to be connected for AT LEAST 2 hours if you are a pilot, or AT LEAST 1 hour if you are an ATC.
We will reach out to winners on the Network Draw and the Forum using email, and we will inform winners on social media using social media messages. We will give winners 7 days to reply to our notifications. If not reply is received, we will run another draw or consider the next participant with highest likes, as applicable.
Every winner will receive a Voucher from Aerosoft for a value of 15 Euros. The Voucher can be redeemed for any purchase of a flight simulation Aerosoft-branded product on Aerosoft's online shop. The Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash. It cannot be copied or duplicated in anyway. Aerosoft Voucher conditions apply. Void where prohibited by law. Terms and Conditions may be subject to change at any time.